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Modra Ceramics

When you order Modra ceramics you can choose the colors you want when it is made. Since it is a special item, it will take a little longer for you to receive it from Slovakia. The base color is white. This color is baked on the clay ceramic. After white you have the choice of blue, red, green, black, and yellow and all the colors in between that can be made by mixing colors. These colors are also baked on the Modra item.

Special requests can also be made if you have a picture of the item. For example, I had plates made with the picture of the church panted on it where my grandparents were baptized, attended church, married and died. The Modra lamps you see on this website are all special requests, because lamps are not usually used in Slovakia.

Ceramic Designer Plates Ceramic Designer Plates

Modra ceramic designer plates with vineyard scenes hand painted on them. Modra ceramic dinner plates & wall plates. View details.

Ceramic Designer Plates

Ceramic Vases Ceramic Vases

Modra ceramic vases are handmade in Slovakia. View details.

Ceramic Vases

Ceramic Mugs, Bowls, Cups Ceramic Mugs, Bowls, Cups

Modra ceramic mugs, bowls and cups, handmade in Slovakia. View details.

Ceramic Mugs, Bowls, Cups

Ceramic Clocks, Ashtrays Ceramic Clocks, Ashtrays

Modra ceramic clocks & ashtrays, handmade in Slovakia. View details.

Ceramic Clocks, Ashtrays

Ceramic Artwork & Misc. Items Ceramic Artwork & Misc. Items

Modra ceramic musicians, Modra ceramic Janosik statue, Modra candle sticks, Modra ceramic baskets, Modra napkin holders, Modra bells, creche, & horseshoes, Modra ceramic fruit dishes & bowls, Modra ceramic flower pots. View details.

Ceramic Artwork & Misc. Items