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1) Are all the products sold on the SIC web site made in Slovakia?

Yes, all the products sold on the Slovak Import Company (SIC) were purchased in Slovakia and except for a few items. The few items that were not made in Slovakia are some Slovak costume dolls, a few CD’s, a Polish atlas, Slovak T shirts and a few ceramic plates.

2) Where are the products shipped from, Slovakia or the US?

Both, When I am in the US, if the product in stock, they are shipped from the US. When I am in Slovakia, they are shipped from Slovakia. I try to maintain a inventory in the US so that the time it takes for you to receive a item is minimized.

3) How long does it take to receive a item from Slovakia?

Normally it takes a week to 10 days to receive a item from Slovakia. Over the Christmas holidays it takes a few days longer.

4) Are the products insured when they are shipped from Slovakia?

Products that need to be insured are insured when they shipped from Slovakia and the US. Sometimes the Slovak Post Office will not insure a package for some reason. Now it appears they are insuring packages again at a reasonable price.

5) What if I do not want or like the item I received?

Email me before 30 days are up after you receive the item, and I will give you instructions to return the item and receive a full refund.

6) How long does it take to receive a item I have purchased?

If I am in the US, and I have the item, the package will be shipped in less than 3 days. If it is shipped from Slovakia, it may take about a month if the item must be purchased (item not in inventory). Sometimes the item purchased must be made and shipped to us in Slovakia, and then we ship it to you.

7) Where do you ship your products too?

Our products are shipped all over the world. Thus far SIC has shipped products to over 50 countries. Recently the Slovak Post office has changed their rates such that it cost the same amount (for a given weight) to ship a item to the US, as it does to Australia or China.

8) What do I do if a product is damaged during shipment?

Take a picture of the box and damaged item and email them to us at If the product was insured, take the box and damaged item to the post office and fill out a claim form. Email me that you have done this and I will send you another item.

9) What if I was notified that the item was shipped, but never received the item?

Every once in a while a package is lost in the mail. I estimate that this occurs about once every 1000 items shipped. Email me and I will put a tracer on the package to see if they can find it, and if not, I will replace the lost item.

10) Can I purchase other items that are not shown on the Slovak Import Company (SIC) web site?

Yes, You can ask if we can find whatever you want in Slovakia. Some people know that certain items are available in Slovakia and where to purchase them.

11) When I fill out the credit card form, to pay for what I have just purchased, is my information secure?

Yes, your information is encrypted when it is sent to Paypal, so that information is secure.



A link to PAYPAL is available below if you would like to pay for your items with a credit card. However, before you pay for your items, please contact us at: to obtain a final price, including shipping. Sometimes you will need to make two payments to PAYPAL. One for the items you purchased and one for shipping and handling costs.

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