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Crystal Glass Tumbler, - 10 ounces Crystal Glass Tumbler, - 10 ounces ID: 769

Item #: 25900/300HB/1 - Slovak handcrafted crystal glass tumbler; set of 6; 10 ounces. Size is 5.. View details.


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Fujaristi z Kokavy Fujaristi z Kokavy ID: 939

Fujaristi from Kokava. Pavel Bielcik, Jan Krotak, Martin Kubinec, Milan Katreniak, Dusan Ceber. .. View details.


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Slovak Embroidered cushion 5005 Slovak Embroidered cushion 5005 ID: 1488

Slovak Embroidered cushion 5005. Material: cotton, polyester. Color: white foundation, embroidery.. View details.


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Kroj doll Litomysl Kroj doll Litomysl ID: 1362

Slovak kroj doll Litomysl. Material: blinking plastic doll, hand-embroidered dress. Size: 12.. View details.


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Modra Ceramic Bowl, 2 X 8.5 inches wide Modra Ceramic Bowl, 2 X 8.5 inches wide ID: 366

Modra ceramic bowl's were handcrafted and painted in Slovakia by skilled craftsmen. The size is 2.. View details.


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