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Crystal Glass Candle Holder Crystal Glass Candle Holder ID: 337

Item #: SG14 - Candle holder 7.3 inches tall-24 % lead as PbO. Shipping and insurance is included.. View details.


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Lapel button Lapel button ID: 1153

Corn Husk Lapel Button is about 3 X 2.5 inches. Shipping and insurance is included in the price. View details.


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Fujara Songbook (Fujarovy Spevnik) Fujara Songbook (Fujarovy Spevnik) ID: 1269

Fujara Songbook is written in English & Slovak by Dusan Holik is about learning to play the fujara.. View details.


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Crystal Glass Brandy Snifter, 10 ounces Crystal Glass Brandy Snifter, 10 ounces ID: 688

Item #: 890/300/500 - Slovak handcrafted crystal brandy glass; set of 6. Size is 10 ounces. 24%.. View details.


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Christmas Angel Christmas Angel ID: 1496

Christmas Angel. Shipping is included in price. View details.


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