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About Us

The Slovak Import Company was envisioned over 20 years ago when I saw a large warehouse in Westchester, New York, that had a sign saying POLISH IMPORT COMPANY and I wondered why there was none for Slovakia in the United States.

In 2000 I visited Slovakia, and decided to set up the business. In 2001 I visited Slovakia again, and started the business. The business started slowly because I had to learn how to do business in Slovakia and the Slovaks had to learn to trust me. However, with the help of my fathers family, and friends, the business took off.

To reduce shipping costs from Slovakia, the Slovak Import Company is now shipping in bulk from Slovakia and storing the products in the US. Many products are now available in the US, but not all. What is not available in the US will be shipped directly to your doorstep, via the US Post Office from Slovakia. Whether the products are shipped directly from Slovakia, or the US, the shipping cost per item is less, the more you purchase.

Martin centre

If you need a item in a hurry we can ship via UPS from Slovakia.The cost is usually a $100 and more.

If you are thinking of buying large quantities from Slovakia, the prices quoted in this website do not apply. Email or call me for a firm quote.

  • Here you will find many products produced in Slovakia, such as Crystal & Glass, China, Modra Ceramics, Books in English or Slovak, Christmas Decorations, Leather products, Fujara's, Maps, CD's, Lace, Bethlehem Nativity sets, hand made Slovak Churches and Homes, Wood Art, plus many other items under Odds & Ends. If you see anything of interest to you, or would like to buy something other than that which is presented on the following pages below, please email me for a firm price, delivered to your doorstep, and to make payment to my bank account in the US.
  • If you would like photographs of your ancestrial villages taken from the ground, plane or helicopter, please email me for a firm price.
  • If you wish to send a gift, money, or a fruit basket to someone in Slovakia, the Slovak Import Company will do it at cost for you. If you would please give us a telephone number, we will call your people and notify them that a package is being sent to them by you. A card with your name and address will be included with each package.
  • I am also thinking of sending 10 KG packages to needy families in Slovakia. If any of you know of any persons, and/or families who could use a package, send me there address. If you would like to contribute, that would be sincerely appreciated. The prices are as follows: (At the bottom of this Home Page click on the LINK: Christmas & Easter Baskets, to see pictures and contents of each type of basket)

    1) 10 KG Fruit baskets $90 delivered.
    2) 10 KG Meat and Cheese baskets, with some Fruit. $106 delivered.
    3) 10 KG Combination (fruit, meat & cheese) baskets $116 delivered.
Any suggestions or comments would be appreciated. Enjoy!

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