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Objednanie produktov je docasne nedostupne.

Slovak Import Company

We sell gifts made in Slovakia, such as, Crystal Glass, Modra and Tinkers Ceramics, Porcelain China, Slovak Flags, Slovak CD's & DVD's, Slovak T Shirts, Books of all kinds, Embroidered & Bobbin Lace, Wooden Art. Handmade Miniature Houses and Churches, Nativity Scenes, Leather products, Corn Husk Ornaments, Folk Costumes & Dolls with Folk Costumes, Tableware, Fujara’s & Flutes, and many other items.

We also take special requests for Slovakia, such as sending to friends and family Christmas & Easter baskets, flowers, transferring money and purchasing special items.

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Crystal Glass Crystal Glass

Crystal glassware: crystal wine glasses, crystal vases, crystal brandy glasses, crystal pitchers, and flasks, crystal tumblers & goblets, crystal candle holders, crystal bowls, ashtrays, baskets, and plates, crystal champagne glasses,.

Crystal Glass

Modra Ceramics Modra Ceramics

Modra ceramics is handmade and painted in Slovakia, and includes designer plates, vases, jugs and pitchers, mugs, bowls and cups, kitchenware, clocks, and ashtrays, table lamps, ceramic artwork, ceramic bells, ceramic fruit plates, and bowls.

Modra Ceramics

Tinkers Ceramics Tinkers Ceramics

Tinkers ceramics are made by artists living near Zilina, Slovakia. They are less widely known than Modra ceramics, but are equally known for there style and beauty, especially for the wire designs on the pottery.

Tinkers Ceramics

Porcelain China Sets Porcelain China Sets

Porcelain china coffee & tea sets, plus complete dinner sets.

Porcelain China Sets

Books, Maps, Flags, Calendars Books, Maps, Flags, Calendars

Books, maps, flags and calendars are from Slovakia, and cover a wide variety of subjects including the history of Slovakia, dictionaries, Slovak cooking, traveling & living in Slovakia, hiking in Slovakia, towns & villages in Slovakia..

Books, Maps, Flags, Calendars

Easter Eggs, Christmas Ornaments & Oplatky Easter Eggs, Christmas Ornaments & Oplatky

Famous decorated Slovakian Easter eggs made in eastern and western Slovakia. , Christmas ornaments are from north western Slovakia, made in the US.

Easter Eggs, Christmas Ornaments & Oplatky

Corn Husk Ornaments Corn Husk Ornaments

Corn Husk items are made from the leaf, stem and corn husk of the corn plant. The CORN HUSK items are hand shaped, and painted to produce life like figures, ornaments, and decorations for the home or office.

Corn Husk Ornaments

Embroidered and Bobbin Lace Embroidered and Bobbin Lace

This web page contains photographs of how to do books and hand made LACE, BOBBIN and CROCHET LACE products produced in Slovakia. Some prices are included on this page, but the price is very dependent on size and degree of difficulty.

Embroidered and Bobbin Lace

SK & CZ music CDs SK & CZ music CDs

The CD's and DVD's are purchased in Slovakia from several local music shops. The best musicians and the most popular music is presented here for your enjoyment.

SK & CZ music CDs

Folk Costumes and Dolls in Folk Costumes Folk Costumes and Dolls in Folk Costumes

Folk Costumes can be made for the town or village you want in Slovakia. Each Slovak town has there own unique Folk Costume. The cost of the Folk Costume will depend on the size and the amount of work required to make that particular costume.

Folk Costumes and Dolls in Folk Costumes

Painter Painter

There are several good painters in western Slovakia that SIC has access too. Both can paint portraits with oils. water colors, and draw with pencils.


Leather Products Leather Products

Many leather products are made in Slovakia including jackets, shoes, leather purses and wallets, gloves & leather covered books,

Leather Products

Fujara's and Flutes Fujara's and Flutes

Fujara's and flutes are handmade by specialists in this field and are readily available in Slovakia.

Fujara's and Flutes

T-shirts, sport shirts, sweat shirts, caps T-shirts, sport shirts, sweat shirts, caps

All T shirts are top quality gildan and hanes 6.1 oz. 100% cotton, preshrunk jersey knit. Printing available on front and back of T shirt in red, blue, white, & black.

T-shirts, sport shirts, sweat shirts, caps

Wooden Art Wooden Art

A wood artist near Turany, Slovakia makes the wooden pens, wooden plaques & plates, wooden chess sets, walking canes, jewelry boxes, and wooden smoking pipes.

Wooden Art

Wooden Houses Wooden Houses

Handmade wooden houses are made near Martin, Slovakia by a man who has many years of experience. The houses are mostly made of wood and stone and are copies of real homes, churches, and buildings. Sizes vary from say 6 inches to several feet.

Wooden Houses

Christmas & Easter Baskets Christmas & Easter Baskets

Christmas & Easter Baskets to Family & Friends in Slovakia & the US. If you want to send a bottle of good Slovak wine the price is $10 additional. If you want to send any other alcoholic beverage the cost will depend on what you want to send.

Christmas & Easter Baskets

Alcohol Beverages Alcohol Beverages

Beer wine and brandy made in Slovakia.

Alcohol Beverages


Slovak Handmade Handbags



Slovak Brass Bells